Then and Now

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    Recently, a client gifted some books to the Pacific Midwifery lending library.  They were CLASSICS….like this:


    Inside this book happened to be a little pamphlet that looked like this:


    Inside the pamphlet was a page that looked like this:


    We’ve been primed, as a society, to see pregnancy and birth as a staged production, with the mom a passive participant and the healthcare providers the star players.  This message that has been reinforced repeatedly (apparently for decades) in all forms of media.


    And this is why I love midwifery, because the Midwifery Model of Care guides me in creating an environment where the focus is on the family, the mother, the baby and not on the care providers.  At the end of the day, I want my moms to know that they are the stars of this show, that they’ve done something incredible, that they’re laying the foundation for parenting in a way that is aware, awake, alive, and lively.  I want them to feel empowered and confident as they start (or continue) their parenting journey, guiding their little ones in a loving, inspired, gentle way.


    I’m blessed to get to interact with moms more like this:


    than like the ‘director.’