Hello, I’m Megan

    • 19

    I love to look back and see the wisdom of the universe at work — seemingly unrelated experiences come together to make something incredible happen.


    That’s how midwifery happened to me.


    Before I even knew what a midwife was, I was drawn to women’s health, anthropology, sociology, the study of culture, the reading of scientific research, the weaving together of best ideals and actual practices. Following my interests and passions, I studied at the University of the Pacific and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Women’s Studies.


    Then I became a mother and my interests in pregnancy, birth, and parenting were born. My first two sons were born via cesarean section, two blessed experiences marked by feelings of deep sadness and lack of support. I was inspired to pursue midwifery care in my third and fourth pregnancies as a way to foster my body’s own natural abilities. My third son was a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) in hospital and my fourth son was born an HBAC (Home Birth After Cesarean). Phenomenal midwives who believed in me and my body guided me through these births.


    These experiences made me passionate about the Midwifery Model of Care. I am a true believer in the state of pregnancy being one of health and not illness. I am an avid protector of a woman’s right to options in her care during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. I believe in the value of education and informed consent.


    In 2003, I became a Certified Childbirth Educator with The Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators. In 2006, I began working with local midwives and enrolled in the National College of Midwifery. In 2011, I graduated from NCM with a degree in the Science of Midwifery, became a Licensed Midwife as granted by the California State Medical Board, and also became a Certified Professional Midwife as granted by the National Association of Registered Midwives. I hold active certifications in Neonatal Resuscitation and CPR.


    In 2012, I started Pacific Midwifery, a solo practice, to serve women more fully in San Luis Obispo and North Santa Barbara Counties. I found a perfect first home in the Beacon Chiropractic building in Grover Beach, where Dr. B. blends his passion for chiropractic with family healthcare and consumer education. The office is a bustling place with holistic health classes, La Leche League meetings, childbirth education classes, and a newly formed cesarean and VBAC support group for moms in need. In 2013, I’m starting yet another adventure as I tackle the coursework necessary to become a Lactation Consultant.


    I am truly blessed to be living on the Central Coast and raising my family here. We spend time hiking, biking, and running and enjoying the beauty of our surroundings. I’m fortunate to get to work with the families that come into my care and consider each pregnancy and birth I’m part of to be a privilege and a blessing.