What’s It All Worth?

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    Salary.com has released its breakdown of the value of stay-at-home-moms’ (SAHM) and working moms’ contributions.  As a SAHM turned working mom, I can attest that the workload at home doesn’t get any easier or less demanding.  It’s just the time allotted for all the work needed is diminished.  I’m pretty sure 94 hours of work still exists; we just have to learn how to fit it all in to 58 hours.


    (You can click the image to enlarge.)  I love that she’s juggling everything.  That’s how I feel every day.


    You can calculate your own mom paycheck here.  Any stay-at-home-dads want to chime in?  Any working dads?


    I see a few things missing from both the infographics, but maybe I’m biased.  I know in the world at large, organizations are trying to quantify the economic effect of breastfeeding on society (a distinctly female contribution).  And I’m not sure how you’d go about calculating that into the mix.  And then there’s always the “adult recreation” activities…but this page is PG, so we won’t get into that…